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Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is in Jasper National Park in Jasper, Alberta.  This photograph was taken last year (2016). From Jasper town-site you drive up the mountain to this spot where it was obviously very foggy.  This man and dog emerged from the fog in his canoe and paddled past us.

Canoe on Pyramid Lake
Canoe on Pyramid Lake
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An enduring interest of mine is cars. I grew up around them and still enjoy them to this day.  This photo was taken just this past February at an event called Cars on 5th in Naples, Florida. This is a tail light from a Corvette (the year escapes me right now) that was on display there. Lots of nice cars of all kinds were on display.


Automobiles, Photography

Abstract II

Another one of my great interests is cars. When combining this interest with photography you can get some really interesting photos, especially when you zoom in for a detailed close up. These are the type of photos a friend calls glamour shots after I took some close ups of her classic Mustang.

Lamborghini detail
Both of these photos were taken at a recent Cars and Coffee event, which is where people come out for a hour or so to display their exotic (generally European) ride.  It takes place close to me so it is convenient enough and makes for some nice photo opportunities.  

Lamborghini - Cars & Coffee