Drawing, Water Color Pencil

Fire Alarm

This is a recently completed drawing that I have put on an envelope.  My intent is give this along with a note to someone I have great respect for who just might want a little pep talk one day.  

Colored Pencil, Drawing, Nature


Today’s selection is a colored pencil rendering of an apple which I have also used for this blog’s avatar – or whatever you call that little icon picture. It is a relatively small picture that took a lot of time due to lots of blending and layering. This one along with two vegetable pictures have been hung in my kitchen for several years now.



Snowboard Project

These images are from a Christmas present I did for my eldest a couple years back. Plus I got to play around with tiling in WordPress. At the top left is some lettering experimentation I did in watercolor pencil. The image on the top right was the board in progress with some of my supplies and tools in the background.  Finally, at the bottom is the board with the words outlined but not painted.  On the easel behind is my interpretation of the Thunderbird found on the massive fireplace at Jasper Park Lodge.