Leighton Art Centre

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The photos here are of one of my favorite places nearby.  The banner photo was taken from a bench overlooking the valley and Highway 40 below. I’ve sat here alone on a quiet summer morning, listening to the dogs barking and cows lowing in the distance.  I’ve enjoyed weekend art shows here followed by a picnic lunch with my wife.

Below is a close-up of Lisa Brawn’s Helios art installation. This piece consists of the dime-store ride-em horses you used to see, and pester your parents for a dime, outside of grocery and department stores. To quote from Lisa Brawn‘s website:

The current installation at Leighton Art Centre references the herds of free-roaming horses called “Wildies” in Alberta. This stage of transformation consisted of installing solar panels, application of silver leaf (to reflect the sky and surroundings), and changing the activation to motion sensors. The reflective surfaces have a confounding effect in this prairie landscape environment, making the extremely substantial installation somewhat illusory or ephemeral.

Installation at Leighton Art Centre
Installation at Leighton Art Centre

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